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Home, Sweet Summer Home

Camp Pinewood takes great pride in our campgrounds, and in the fact that our campers feel at home in a safe, healthy environment. Of the many residential camps in Henderson County, we consistently earn the highest rating with the NC State Board of Health. This distinction is a source of great pride for us.

Amongst the tall pines, more than 50 well-maintained buildings comprise our physical layout. Campers live in spacious cabins with covered porches, large bathrooms and excellent ventilation. Overlooking the lake, our main recreation building houses an indoor basketball court, a large game room and a stage with dressing areas. Our kitchen and spacious dining hall is adjacent to the recreation building. Campers enjoy delicious food, prepared by our chefs and their well-trained staff. Resident registered nurses, available around the clock, staff our modern, air-conditioned health center. Our nurses see all campers at least once per week, regardless of their health conditions. And our camp pediatricians—as well as Margaret Pardee Hospital—are just five minutes away.

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